Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 SIFMA Foundation Tribute Dinner

Generous donations from the financial industry help millions of students, teachers, schools and communities across the country to participate in the SIFMA Foundation's financial education programs: The Stock Market Game™, Capitol Hill Challenge™, InvestWrite® and Invest It Forward™.

Nurturing financially literate and capable children will enable them to make smart financial decisions throughout their lives, and provide a foundation for them to be the vital contributors to our society and economy of tomorrow.

Since 1977, the SIFMA Foundation's financial education programs have enabled more than 15 million students to better understand the capital markets, improve their saving and investing habits, and increase their academic engagement, better preparing them for college and career success. 

To learn more about this year's Tribute Dinner, visit

2014 PNC Christmas Price Index SIFMA Foundation Stock Market Game Challenge

For just over 30 years the PNC Christmas Price Index has been delighting classrooms across the country with its entertaining use of the classic holiday carol, “Twelve Days of Christmas,” as an informative measure of the rate of inflation.

In 2010, PNC and the SIFMA Foundation came together to launch the first PNC Christmas Price Index – SIFMA Foundation Stock Market Game Challenge, a competition where students estimated the current PNC Christmas Price Index values for an opportunity to win cash prizes. This year the SIFMA Foundation invites middle school and high school Stock Market Game teams in Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, and Wisconsin to participate in the PNC Christmas Price Index – SIFMA Foundation Stock Market Game Challenge.

Please join us Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 4PM-5PM ET, for a special webinar introducing teachers to the PNC Christmas Price Index and its associated competition:

America's Foreign Language: Finance

ICYMI - John Taft, CEO at RBC Wealth Management, writes about the necessity of financial literacy programs like the ones provided by the SIFMA Foundation. Reacting to an article in The New Yorker that compared the religious elite in ancient Egypt to today's financial elite, John examines the financial industry's role in combating financial illiteracy through programs like the SIFMA Foundation's Stock Market Game program.

Read his piece in its entirety: